Verzweigt (German Edition) by Hans-Josef Rautenberg

Les chroniques du Radch (Tome 2) - L'épée de l'ancillaire by Ann Leckie,Patrick Marcel

Sky-Troopers: Science Fiction Roman (German Edition) by Michael H. Schenk

Earthborn: Die Söhne Soras: Roman (Earthborn-Chroniken 3) by Paul Tassi,Thomas Schichtel

Perry Rhodan 5: Vorstoß nach Arkon (Silberband): 5. Band des by Clark Darlton,Kurt Mahr,K.H. Scheer,Kurt Brand,Johnny

The Nemesis Equation (The Equations Series Book 7) by Kenneth Tam

Perry Rhodan 120: Die Cyber-Brutzellen (Silberband): 2. Band by Kurt Mahr,Clark Darlton,Peter Griese,H. G. Francis,H. G.

Sternenwolf II: Novasturm (German Edition) by Victor L. Pax

Lucius: The Faultless Blade (Warhammer 40,000 Book 1) by Ian St Martin

Tenebrae imperialis (FICTION) (French Edition) by Christophe Nicault