The Pendant Project: My Journey to Awareness Through Art by Thurston Gray

Buddhismus: Lehren - Praxis - Meditation (German Edition) by Fred von Allmen,Jack Kornfield,Renate Seifarth

Golden: Empowering Rituals to Conjure Your Inner Priestess by Asa Soltan

Meditação: perfeição-homem na Satisfação-Deus (Portuguese by Sri Chinmoy

The Extraterrestrial Vision: Who Is Here and Why by Gina Lake

Essence of the Tarot: Modern Reflections on Ancient Wisdom by Megan Skinner,Nicole Defelice

Visits to the Glade: Soul Connections by Brenda Bruzon

Tarot Mysteries: Rediscovering the Real Meaning of the Cards by Jonathan Dee